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Thousands of words about Windows 7 that say nothing at all

CNET News interviewed Steven Sinofsky (Techmeme conversation here) in an attempt to get some concrete information about Windows 7. The bottom line - a whole lotta nothing.

About the only real takeaway from the article is that Windows 7 will ship some "three years after the general availability of Windows Vista", which sort of places the date at around early 2010.

So, what's happening here? Why is Microsoft being cagey? Simple. In the run up to Vista (even when it was still called Longhorn) everyone involved or linked with the project at Microsoft was shooting their mouths off about what the OS would be like and what new features it would bring to the desktop. When a number of these features were dropped, this understandibly caused a certain level of disappointment amongst consumers. This time Microsoft is changing tactics and choosing to remain tight-lipped as to what's going to be or not be included in Windows 7.

You can also extend this line of thinking further and suggest that Windows 7 isn't going to be all that different to Vista - it's going to be an improvement, not a complete rewrite. On its own this makes Windows 7 news a whole lot less exciting that Vista was.

Still, once Microsoft releases a beta I'll make sure I have space for the new OS here ...

[UPDATE - Some more information trickles out. Mostly though it's stuff that was to be expected ... 2010 launch, no new kernel, Vista hardware will work for Windows 7 ...]