ITsafe Warning 08-008

May 14th, 2008


ITsafe Warning 08-008

What is it?

Microsoft Updates for Multiple Vulnerabilities

What does it affect?

Microsoft Windows and Office for Windows and Mac

What does it do?

These vulnerabilities may allow an attacker to access your computer, install and run malicious software on your computer, or cause your computer to crash.

How do I fix it?

Update your copy of the software with the download available from the supplier.

Details of Specific Problem

The technical issues are described by the supplier and at the CVE website, and can be found from: - Microsoft TechNet security


ITsafe Warnings are issued by e-mail when significant risks have been identified that are likely to affect the majority of ITsafe users. ITsafe Team Making IT safe for You

The UK Government Alerting and Advisory Service for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Security

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