Microsoft “Stealth Update” blocks proper XP repair

September 27th, 2007

I've been neck deep looking into this problem for the last day or so ... turns out to be a real issue!

Remember that Stealth Update I talked about a couple of weeks ago? The one that Microsoft sent down the pipes to XP and Vista users and installed it irrespective of whether the user had given consent for updates to be installed? Remember too how the apologists claimed that there was nothing wrong with how Microsoft had behaved because there was no harm done? Well, it turns out that this update isn’t as benign as we first thought and can indeed cause problems for Windows XP users if they try to repair their installation.

I've dragged Microsoft over the coals for this before and the main response from Microsoft apologists was "well, what's the fuss, it didn't do any harm."  Well, it does do harm.  This is exactly why we can't have undocumented fixes being sent to PCs, especially when they are being installed on systems where consent for updates hasn't been given. 

I'm now looking at Microsoft to release clear information about this and all previous stealth updates and to change the way it operates and be far more transparent with regards to updates.  Problems like this XP repair issue are made much more difficult to troubleshoot when you're dealing with unknown updates.

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