Quetchup spam

September 4th, 2007

I've received a few emails over the past few days inviting me to try a service called Quetchup.  I've been wondering what the deal with it is (my guess was that it was spam), my ZDNet blogging colleague Mitch Ratcliffe explains:

In recent days, I’ve received a half dozen invitations to join Quechup (it gets no linkage because it deserves none), which is billed as “the social networking platform sweeping the globe.” Turns out it the service is more like a cancer than a popular uprising, because it is spamming the address books of people who are fooled into joining.

I asked several of the people who invited me what was different about this social network, and the replies I received were all surprised and apologetic—no one had authorized a mailing to their friends and business contacts.

I'm guessing that Quetchup's time is now limited.

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