Worst Windows Vista advice ever…

August 31st, 2007

I have to say that I agree with Josh over on Windows Connected:

Today while getting my digg fix, yes I still read digg despite it being full of useless junk now, I ran across a link to an article that was claming to have 10 Speed Tweaks that would make a huge performance difference for Windows Vista. After a quick glance I was dumbfounded how full of misleading and inaccurate information this post was and wondered how it could have over 1,300 diggs.

Several of the sites suggestion seem like nothing more than attempts to exploit the naivete of the folk on Digg. They are telling you to disable Windows Defender, turn of User Account Control, disable System Restore. Most of this list is a recipe to breakdown the layers of defense on your machine with what I can only guess is to lead to possible future exploit of your system where you will end up with no hope of repair, gee thanks for nothing no name site.

Getting lots of votes on Digg is no guarantee that the advice being given is safe, accurate and effective.  I see lots of junk on Digg and similar sites and some of the information is not only inaccurate but could be harmful to your system.

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