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Another reason to dislike Vista

Ed Bott gives me yet another reason to dislike Vista:

Last month I began hearing rumblings of problems with the product activation system in Windows Vista. Last week I got to see the problem firsthand. The bottom line? The simple act of updating some hardware drivers – without making any changes to the hardware itself – can result in the Software Protection Platform code in Windows Vista deciding that the system requires reactivation. And a simple Internet activation won’t do; you’ll need to call Microsoft’s activation hotline, enter your product ID over the phone, and then type in the 48–digit code the operator reads back to you.

I've come across this issue, and while the reactivation process might only take a few minutes to solve, but it's yet another issue that gets in the way of using software that I've paid for.  The more I roll Vista out at the PC Doc HQ, the more I'm feeling like Microsoft is getting in the way of me doing the work I want.  Five minutes here and there reactivating is five minutes of my time that's being wasted that Microsoft isn't paying me for.

If you're affected by this, a fix is in the pipeline but could be months away.