A better way to keep screws on the end of a screwdriver

July 11th, 2007

Over on Lifehacker today I came across a tip that doesn't sound all that good to me:

For those times where you do not have a magnetized screwdriver handy or using a magnetized driver makes the work difficult or dangerous (such as working on a computer), you can use vaseline or any like substance as a 'screw stick'. Simply daub a tiny bit of vaseline, lip balm, etc. onto the tip of of your screwdriver and stick the screw to the screwdriver. Once your task is complete, either wipe away or leave the oil on the screw.

Um, but why would I want to put even a small amount of sticky, potentially conductive goo inside a PC?  Even peeling the smallest sticker off something ends up with it collecting enough dust and fur balls that by the time the case it reopened it's the size of a cat.  A far better solution is to put a small bit of modeling clay or Fun-Tak on the end of the screwdriver and stick the screw to that.

Oh, and the reason I don't use a magnetic screwdriver has nothing to do with the magnetism being able to wipe drives or anything like that (you need one heck of a magnet to pull off that kind of stunt), it's because the magnetic tip can have a tendency to shoot towards the nearest bit of ferrous metal and knock delicate components along the way.

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