Fuji 602Z battery drain fix

June 23rd, 2005

Here's a hardware tweak for a popular digital camera that I came across today that I thought I'd share because while the Fuji 602Z is now quite old it's still a popular camera. However, it does suffer from a problem - battery drain. This is because the plastic case contains a lot of carbon making it conductive. If the plastic rubs against the battery contacts, it can wear off the non-conductive top layer and expose the carbon-rich plastic underneath. There is one spot in the battery compartment where this seems to occur and this can cause batteries to drain quickly (we've noticed this with out 602Z - a day's shoot needed a stack of rechargeables!).

The fix is simple and it's available here ... the fix is simple - apply a little shrinkwrap tubing or insulating tape to a small metal tab and the job's done.

Give new life to an old Fuji 602Z today!

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