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The hardware casualties of upgrading to Vista

Kathie's also posted about the hardware casualties of the upgrade up to Vista.  It's a very honest post that covers the kind of headaches that people encounter when upgrading:

Hardware is a big issue for me.  I like my hardware to last and I don’t like to let it go when I’m used to it, so throwing out good kit just because I’ve moved to Vista really goes against the grain! It’s environmentally unfriendly and expensive.  Of course the manufacturers love nothing better than a new OS for just this reason. They want everyone to go out and get all new kit, so they’re not too keen to produce drivers for hardware over a certain age and let’s face it they have the advantage.  They know you’ll probably get a new PC in the next couple of years and it will most likely have Vista on it.

Here are some of the casualties:

Most if not all of this gear will move to other systems so it's not wasted, but it does mean shelling out for new gear to replace something that worked just fine.