Pin items to the Start Menu

May 15th, 2007

Did you know that you can "pin" files and applications so that they appear at the top of the Windows Start Menu.  Here's a Start Menu on one of my Windows Vista PCs:

Vista Start Menu

Notice how it's broken into two parts:

  • The lower portion has the icons of applications that are frequently used
  • Above that is the are to which I can "pin" new icons

So how do you pin an icon to the start menu?  Simple!  Go through the Start Menu and find something that you use regularly or want fast access to (this be from the All Programs or from the list of frequently-used icons) and right-click on the icon and choose Pin to Start Menu.

Vista Start Menu

Want to remove something from the "pinned to" section?  Just right-click on the icon and choose Unpin from Start Menu.

Vista Start Menu

This works on both Windows Vista and Windows XP.

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