Reading embedded flash chips

May 7th, 2007

I've had a number of questions over the years regarding how to read embedded flash memory.  Here's an article that explains how:

NAND flash chips are used in all sorts of electronics for storing information/firmware etc. If you are interested in trying to get the information out to study, then I may have something useful for you. This is how I read the flash chip without removing it from the device.

Make sure that you read the disclaimer before proceeding:

DISCLAIMER- Not an easy task, and not foolproof either. This procedure can be rough on both the device you are trying to read, and the reader used. NAND chip specs are also changing all the time, and so are card readers, so there is no real way of knowing if this pertains to “ALL” NAND Flash and “ALL” readers. This has been used successfully on Samsung small block flash using a Dazzle SmartMedia/xD reader.

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