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How can I customize the ribbon in Office 2007?

Question: I've upgraded to Office 2007 and Windows Vista and I'm getting used to things.  However, I've discovered that the ribbon customization opportunities offered by Office 2007 are, well, lacking.  Is there any way to seriously customize the Office 2007 toolbar?

You're right, Microsoft have severely limited the options open to users to customize the Office 2007 toolbar in Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.  The good news is that you can- but you'll need a third-party commercial tool called RibbonCustomizer Professional.

Here's the sale's pitch:

RibbonCustomizer is an add-in for Microsoft® Access™, Excel®, Outlook®, PowerPoint® and Word 2007. It allows you to customize the Ribbon User Interface with only a few mouse clicks! Microsoft did not include that ability in Office 2007, but with this add-in you are no longer stuck with a static User Interface!

Here's the highlights:

Price $29.99, trial available.