How can I customize the ribbon in Office 2007?

April 29th, 2007

Question: I've upgraded to Office 2007 and Windows Vista and I'm getting used to things.  However, I've discovered that the ribbon customization opportunities offered by Office 2007 are, well, lacking.  Is there any way to seriously customize the Office 2007 toolbar?

You're right, Microsoft have severely limited the options open to users to customize the Office 2007 toolbar in Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.  The good news is that you can- but you'll need a third-party commercial tool called RibbonCustomizer Professional.

Here's the sale's pitch:

RibbonCustomizer is an add-in for Microsoft® Access™, Excel®, Outlook®, PowerPoint® and Word 2007. It allows you to customize the Ribbon User Interface with only a few mouse clicks! Microsoft did not include that ability in Office 2007, but with this add-in you are no longer stuck with a static User Interface!

Here's the highlights:

  • Easy to use user interface
  • Individual command customization - put only those commands on your Ribbon that you want!
  • Remove any existing tab
  • Create and edit new tabs and populate them with the groups you want
  • Change any existing tabs to include just the groups you want
  • Create your own groups with any commands you want
  • Reorder groups and tabs (only possible for tabs & groups you added that were not at that location by default)
  • Create your own new customizations
  • Use pre-defined customizations
  • Quickly switch multiple customizations on and off
  • Toggle between the default Ribbon and your customized one
  • Classic UI tabs for Excel, PowerPoint and Word 2007
  • Get a jumpstart on using RibbonX by having RibbonCustomizer generate RibbonX for you
  • Load any RibbonX file with RibbonCustomizer into a Ribbon application. This is especially useful when you are writing RibbonX for your own documents, templates or COM add-ins as it can help you test and evaluate your code quickly.
  • RibbonCustomizer is currently available only in English. It is possible to use it with a non-English version of Office, but this configuration is not supported. Other languages will be supported in a future version.
  • A copy of RibbonCustomizer Professional can be used by one user on all of his or her computers.
  • Lifetime free update guarantee

Price $29.99, trial available.

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