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Xbox 360 DRM bites users

More DRM woes for users.  This time is Xbox 360 owners getting the headache - and to add insult to injury, these are folks who've had to have their Xboxes replaced because they died.

Microsoft has been pretty good about repairing/replacing 360s that have died this way, even if they are out of warranty and is even paying for shipping both ways now.

Problem is that their DRM system is borked when it comes to getting a replacement 360 as you can read on my friend Travis' blog here.

For some reason, Microsoft decided to tie Live Marketplace purchases to your Live account and to your Xbox as opposed to your hard drive. So whenever you get a replacement unit, you have to call them to get credits in order to repurchase all of the content that you had previously bought.

As you can read from Travis' blog, this can take quite a while in some cases depending on how many games, movies and other content that you've purchased.

Just crazy.