WebRoot get’s caught up in some dodgy marketing

April 27th, 2007

Security firm WebRoot has been caught carrying out some dodgy marketing:

This is actually pretty funny. Last week I blogged about how WebRoot was doing some really weird things to get customers, like scraping our website for names from case studies, showcase customers, etc., and then contacting these customers. We had sent them a legal letter back in March on this activity, where they were doing this and giving customers misleading information. (If you’re curious, you can hear an actual wav file from a customer who was contacted here from WebRoot’s telemarketing boiler-room.)

It would have been probably regarded by most people as just a small spat between two competitors, but then someone posted a rather ugly comment on my blog, from what was clearly recognizable as a WebRoot IP number. This got a few people wondering exactly what was going on over there.

From my perspective, security is all about trust, and if a company is willing to behave in a shifty manner, it's not a company I would want to deal with.

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