PCline photo paper – avoid at all costs!

June 18th, 2005


Just opened a pack of PCline 6" x 4" glossy photo paper that I picked up from PC World the other day and I am far from pleased with the quality of this stuff. I've never used any of their stuff before and I thought I'd give it a whirl. The stuff is sealed up in boxes that you can't open so you've got no clues to what's int he box before you buy. The price is a little cheaper than photo paper by Epson and HP but there's not an awful lot of difference.

Things didn't start off well when I noticed that the edges were roughly cut. OK, not many people pay much attention to the edges of photos so I overlooked that. But as soon as I decided not to get too emotional about the edges I noticed that the surface of the paper is really rough, uneven, badly marked and covered in dust and fibers. This tipped me over the edge and it was time to get emotional!

Output from the printer is also poor. I can get excellent results from my Epson using Epson paper but the PCline paper produces poor quality, dull, rough outputs.

You get what you pay for - save a little on paper and you end up chucking away prints, reprinting and throwing away the rest of the paper (unless I take it back to PC World, which I might just do).

PC Doctor Recommends - Avoid PCline media for any application where quality is important.

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