Build your own 120GB Xbox 360 hard drive

April 23rd, 2007

Build your own 120GB Xbox 360 hard drive and save money:

It looks like Xbox 360 owners have another way to get 120GB of storage on their consoles -- with some caveats of course. Those wishing to perform the mod must purchase a Western Digital SATA BEVS-LAT hard drive (no other hard drives will work). Using the Hddhacker v0.90 tool provided by TheSpecialist, you only need to dump your hddss.bin firmware file from your 20GB hard drive onto a floppy and then flash your new 120GB hard drive with the firmware.

All the while, Sony PlayStation 3 owners are probably looking at all of this trickery and scratching their heads. Sony has made its PlayStation 3 and open platform and users can add any 2.5” hard drive they like to their console without the fear of voiding the console’s warranty.

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