UltraSentry 2.0 released!

June 18th, 2005

I've just noticed that IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. (the makers of UltraEdit, my file editor of choice, and UltraCompare, powerful and professional file and folder compare tool) have released a new version of their secure deletion program UltraSentry (I must have dropped the ball on this one as it was released on the 6th of June).

I've been a long-time user of UltraSentry it's a program that I have thoroughly tested and trust. I have had the pleasure of beta testing this for a few weeks now and I've noting but praise for this update. It adds a number of new and useful features for existing UltraSentry users. In fact, I'm so impressed by UltraSentry 2.0 that I'm prepared to say that a good application (as UltraSentry 1.0 was) is now a world-class product and a vital privacy utility.

The two features that I see as being the most useful in UltraSentry 2.0 are

  • Browser cleaning now supports Opera, Mozilla and Netscape as well as Internet Explorer
  • Integration with Microsoft Word and Excel - a valuable and useful feature for those working with sensitive or confidential documents.

This isn't a free product (prices start at $29.95) but it is by far the best secure deletion utility on the market - easy to use, robust and reliable and it does what it says it does - carries out safe and secure deletion of sensitive files.

Well done IDM!

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