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Turn off menu and window animations in Windows XP

Most people find the windows and menus [tag]animations[/tag] in [tag]Windows XP[/tag] cool for about 5 minutes. After that they want to remove them because they feel that the delays and increased system resources that they consume isn't a worthwhile trade-off for cool effects.

Switching them off is easy.

  1. Download TweakUI (a [tag]Microsoft[/tag] [tag]PowerToy[/tag]).
  2. Install [tag]TweakUI[/tag].
  3. Run TweakUI. Click on the General option in the left hand menu and turn off any of the following options:
    - Enable combo box animation
    - Enable cursor shadow
    - Enable list box animation
    - Enable menu animation
    - Enable menu fading
    - Enable menu selection fading
    - Enable mouse hot tracking effects
    - Enable tooltip animation
    - Enable tooltip fade
    - Enable window animation