Chris Pirillo strikes back!

February 27th, 2007

OK, the title is over the top!  I'm glad that Chris took the time to respond to what Ed Bott, Dwight Silverman and I wrote in response to his post about ditching Windows Vista.

Chris, I'm glad you took the time to respond.  In that spirit I'll make another post so we can continue the conversation.

First off, disclosure time.  I have no vested interest in what OS you choose to run.  I'm finding that the more agnostic I'm becoming, the better life is.  If XP works fine for you, great.  If it's Vista, fine.  If it's Linux or Mac OS, so what.  It's not about the operating system, it's about getting the job done.  You might have caught my Windows to Mac Chronicles over on ZDNet, if you do you'll know I'm open-minded (to a point at, anyway).

One thing you've not explained is how Vista is getting in the way of your workflow?  Random crashes and headaches with hardware can take the shine off anything and if you've got work to do and you're not able to do that, I can understand why you go back to what you know and what works.  Nonetheless, I'd be interested in knowing in more detail what troubles you're having.  I'm not going to lie to you, there are kinks in the road, but for me the overall Vista experience (improved stability, improved performance, better interface ...) has more upsides than down.  Partly this is down to being pretty familiar with Vista - I should be, I've been using it for 19 months.

Before I close this post, let me pick up on a few points from your post Chris:

Ed, Dwight, Adrian… I respect each one of you, but you’re not giving me salient arguments for why I, or anybody else, should stick with Windows Vista if we’re running into problems with it on a regular basis.

That's because there aren't any.  What works for me or Ed or Dwight might not work for you.  For me, even if I didn't like Vista (and there are aspects to Vista that scare me, for example SPP/WGA) it's where the future is.  My recommendation to you is for you to get a Vista test rig set up and spend time playing with it.  Iron out as many bugs as you can before making the leap.  It helps.

You act as if I’m totally alone here, an exception to the rule… and that’s wrong.

If I came across that way, I apologize.  It wasn't my intention.  Heck, many of us rely on people having problems in order to generate income!

Oh, and let’s just pound one more nail into your argument’s coffin: French researcher says Vista’s user interface suffers from more ‘friction’ than XP. Booya!

Hmmm, I'd like to learn a lot more about the testing process before commenting.  I find Vista a lot faster and easier to use at higher screen resolutions that XP is.  However, if he was talking about Office 2007, I might be tempted to agree with him. 

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