Cheap(er) Blu-ray player on the way

February 27th, 2007

Sony has plans to release a cheaper Blu-ray player.

Sony Corp. is planning to launch a Blu-ray Disc player in the middle of this year that's significantly cheaper than many current models on the market.

The BDP-S300 will cost about $600 -- about $400 cheaper than Sony's current BDP-S1 -- even though the new player will offer superior capabilities, Sony said yesterday.

Among these will be the ability to output a 1080P signal, which is the highest of several levels of video quality that fall under the high-definition banner. Many new televisions support 1080P, and it's likely that consumers will increasingly look for this function, which until now could only be found on the most expensive players.

I think that the problem isn't so much the price but people not having the incentive to make the leap to HD.

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