Two new Vista exploits discovered – Keyboard and mouse!

February 6th, 2007

Long Zheng takes a tongue-in-cheek look at Vista exploits:

This week, two top Swedish security experts only to be named “Long” and “Zheng”, to hide their identity from Microsoft, exposes many more “fatal” security flaws inside the newborn operating system, Windows Vista. Here are the two most dangerous exploits you should be concerned about.

The first exploit is a bug inside the keyboard and mouse subsystem which enables the targeted system to be hijacked and maliciously delete files, folders, music, torrents and other important sounding stuff without the user’s authorization or control.

Very funny!

I'm going to add my own, and this one is also in the wild - Bone-headed tips that appear on certain websites which encourage users to disable vital security measures such as UAC (User Account Control).  These websites normally use social engineering to get people to follow the potentially malicious advice (such as claiming that all power users will be doing this, or that carrying out the actions won't drastically reduce your PC's security). 

Beware - Here be dragons!

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