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Firefox browser share dropping on PC Doctor

I don't tend to look at the browser stats for this site and blog as being representative of the web as a whole but it is interesting to take a look at them periodically.  I just took a look at the stats for the last 30 days and I'm surprised by two things:

The current state of play is that Internet Explorer 7 accounts for 32% of the browser share, while IE 6 is at 40%.  Firefox 2 browser share is 15% while Firefox 1 accounts for 9%.  Opera 9 usage is at 1%, as is Opera 8.

Back in July/August 06 when I last took a serious look at the browser stats the numbers were as follows:

Going back further to February/March 06 shows that Firefox users are declining:

Looks like IE7 might have been good for Microsoft.  Still, I find it odd that the share for Firefox 2 is so low.  I should do a breakdown of browser stats per page and see what gets the highest number of IE visitors - I wonder if it's spyware/adware related pages?