How Yahoo! and Google are fighting over your browser

January 12th, 2007

Andy Beal takes a look at how Yahoo! and Google are fighting for the privilege to be your browser's default search engine:

The power struggle between Yahoo and Google for your desktop just took an evil turn, with evidence that suggests Yahoo is covertly trying to switch Google search users without their explicit permission.

Over email, Jarrod Hunt of Text Link Brokers explained how a recent upgrade to Yahoo Messenger includes an innocuous “auto-update” option. When the user gives Yahoo permission to “update” – what they think is just Yahoo Messenger – the updater downloads IE 7 (which we already know to be buggy) and then proceeds to hijack many browser preferences – including search engine settings.

Be careful what you install on your PC, and be careful what settings you allow programs to change.  If in doubt, don't install!

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