Internet Explorer 7 and opening hyperlinks

November 16th, 2006

Has your installation of [tag]Internet Explorer 7[/tag] stopped opening hyperlinks in emails that you receive into [tag]Outlook[/tag] and [tag]Outlook Express[/tag]?  Have hyperlinks from other programs stopped opening in IE7?  Are you seeing duplicate options in the right-click context menu?  If these symptoms match problems you're seeing, I might have some answers for you.

I think that there's a problem with [tag]IE7[/tag] installing over IE6.  I've noticed it on several machines over the past few weeks.  It's odd and also annoying.  As well as hyperlinks from Outlook not working, hyperlinks from my RSS tool Desktop Sidebar has also stopped working, as had others.  Pretty random stuff.

I decided that this was a good test of a new IE7 feature called [tag]RIES[/tag].  This stands for [tag]Reset Internet Explorer Settings[/tag].  Here's how you reset the settings:

  • Close all instances of IE7 and open up a new instance
  • Click on Tools > Internet Options
    IE7 hyperlink problem fix
  • Click on the Advanced tab
    IE7 hyperlink problem fix
  • Click on Reset...
    IE7 hyperlink problem fix
  • Next you have to confirm the reset.  BEWARE!  Resetting all IE7 settings means:
    - Disabling all toolbars and add-ons
    - Deleting temporary internet files, webpage history, cookies, web form information, and passwords
    - Resetting default web browser settings, search providers, and home pages
    It does not affect:
    - Favorites and feeds, Internet connection settings, Group Policy setting, and Content Advisory settings
    Click Reset
    IE7 hyperlink problem fix
  • The reset will now be carried out
    IE7 hyperlink problem fix
  • When the reset has been carried out, click Close
    IE7 hyperlink problem fix
  • You are now reminded to restart IE7.  Click OK to continue
    IE7 hyperlink problem fix
  • Click OK and close the browser and restart

Hopefully that will fix any problems you were having for you.

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One Response to “Internet Explorer 7 and opening hyperlinks”

  1. Vexentricity » My IE7 ‘Bugged’ Day - Run once, Outlook conflict, Hide Search Box Says:

    [...] This little bug means that any links you click on in emails open a save dialog rather than opening the browser and displaying the page.  A lot of people are having this problem and there seems to be a fair bit of snake oil going round about how to fix it (uninstall the browser, stand on one leg, turn to the east, reinstall the browser kinda thing). I guess I’ve known about this issue for a while and really I should have dealt with it sooner, but it didn’t really get to be a problem for me until Windows Update installed IE7 on the PC I run Outlook 2002 on. (It works fine with Office 2007.)   The fix was quite simple and you’ll find Adrian’s written it up over on The PC Doctor's Guide.  Be forewarned fixing it will delete your history, add-ons etc, so if your only link to your long lost auntie’s website is in your history better write it down now. [...]