System sounds – Windows Vista vs. Windows XP

November 9th, 2006

Long Zheng has done an amazing job comparing the [tag]Windows Vista[/tag] system sounds with those that we are all familiar with from [tag]Windows XP[/tag].

It is extremely interesting to note that all XP sounds were encoded at 352kbps, and Vista sounds encoded in 1411kbps. That’s 4 times the quality. And you’ll also notice the [tag]Vista[/tag] sounds are all equalized at a lower volume than the XP counterparts, making them less annoying when you have your speakers turned up high. As well as, nearly every Vista sound is shorter than the XP version.

I have to admit that I much prefer the newer Vista sounds - they're clearer, better yet far less intrusive than any previous sound scheme for Windows. I might actually keep these on!

Check it out!

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