Brand new Barnes and Noble book clubs

November 1st, 2006

This post falls into the category of "things that I've known about and been involved with for some time now but couldn't talk about it".  You know that I don't like keeping secrets from you, but sometimes I don't have a choice!

[tag]Barnes and Noble[/tag] have just thrown open the doors on a brand new, updated, totally splendid book clubs.  Here you can meet cool authors such as Carl Hiaasen or you can come over and visit me in my domain there.  Well, in fact, I have two domains:

I'm also a moderator for the Edit Your Photos with Photoshop Elements 5: The Missing Manual book club.  Here you can meet the author of the book, Barbara Brundage.

There are loads of cool clubs hosted on the site - some of which I'm looking forward to participating in myself!

Come and take a look and feel free to say "Hi".  It's free!

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