The PC Doctor’s Community Search Engine

October 24th, 2006

Roll over Google, the PC Doctor's got his own search engine.  Well. OK, it's actually powered by Google so Larry and Sergey can sleep easy tonight.

This is a search engine based on the Google Custom Search Engine service.  The idea is that you create a community search engine that searches a community of online website and blogs.  Right now this only searches the PC Doctor website but the cool thing is that you are welcome to sign up and volunteer to submit sites (as far as I can tell I get to approve or reject volunteers). 

Feel free to sign up and submit a site (or sites).  I only have two rules:

  • The site or blog should be related to PCs/IT
  • The site needs to be family friendly

So there you go.  Feel free to volunteer to submit a site or do a search using the box below.  If there is enough interest in this community project I will integrate the search box into the site as a whole.

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