Keep all connectors tight

June 10th, 2005

Here's a top tip - make sure that all the connectors attaching peripherals to your PC are all properly and firmly connected. For all connections that have screws for the firm attachment of a connector (such as a monitor connector or a COM or parallel port cable connector), make sure that the screws are done up firmly. Loose connections can cause all sorts of unexpected problems.

There's no need to go over the top with tightening up connectors - gentle hand tight is enough (that means no need to over-tighten and definitely no need for power tools!).

If you find that you have a connector or socket that particularly loose then take a closer look at it - forcing a connector into a socket won't help and is more likely to cause more damage. Usually loose connectors (especially keyboard, mouse and USB connectors) are the result of stress on the cable stressing the socket and damaging the metal surround. You might be able to fix a damaged socket by gently and carefully bending the metal back into shape with a pair of pliers.

As a last resort, a dot of hot glue or silicone sealer can be used to hold a connector in a damaged socket - don't overdo it though and keep the glue or sealer away from the electrical connections. Don't be tempted to use something stronger like epoxy resin. Even though this is none-conductive chances are you won't be able to remove it without a lot of work and possibly damage.

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