Users desperate for Vista licensing clarification

October 19th, 2006

Computer users, especially enthusiasts who continually upgrade their PCs, want clarification about how the new Windows [tag]Vista[/tag] license will affect them:

The new licensing has caused confusion, especially for power users who rebuild their computers with new components several times a year or who plan to upgrade their computers more than once in the lifetime of the operating system. Users said they want clarification from Microsoft about how scenarios like these will play out under the new licensing.

"My question about the one-time transfer is, 'What constitutes a machine?'" asked Windows user Roger Halstead. "I have four machines, and they are running legal copies of XP Pro. Those four machines are in a constant state of upgrade. I have to reactivate the operating system around three or four times a year due to upgrades."

[tag]Microsoft[/tag] is sitting on a winner with [tag]Windows Vista[/tag], why are they creating so much bad publicity for the operating system with all these crazy limitations.

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