New rogue security product trick – Your marriage is in danger!

October 13th, 2006

F-Secure gives us an insight into a trick used by the rogue security product Drive Cleaner to get unsuspecting users to pay for their useless product:

Drive Cleaner 2006

Check out the wording:

NOTICE:  You have not completed the scan.  If your computer has tracks of all adult sites you have visited and files that get installed by themselves while you browsing, it can violate your online privacy and could compromise your career and your marriage.

You need to clean up all the temporary and history records of your computer to remove these tracks.

Would you like to install DriveCleaner to scan for and , if found, clean these browsing tracks now? (Recommended)

What a cheek!

Kathie noticed the same trick being used on pop ups a while back.

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