How to remove VirusBurst / Virus Burst / Virusburst – The easy way!

September 1st, 2006

"How do I get rid of VirusBurst off my PC?  I've just found it on my PC and I can't seem to uninstall it."

[tag]VirusBurst[/tag]/[tag]Virus Burst[/tag]/[tag]Virusburst[/tag] (previously known as VirusRescue) is yet another fake antispyware application.  It is very similar to another nasty called [tag]Spyware Quake[/tag] (actually, VirusBurst is Spyware Quake under a new name).  Once installed on the PC (VirusBurst usually gets onto a system via a Trojan that automatically downloads and installs it) it generates fake messages informing the user that the PC is infected with fake malware in an attempt to get the user to buy a commercial application. 

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How can I tell if my system is infected with VirusBurst?

The message is displays appears in the system tray as a balloon and it has the following wording:

Critical System Error!

System detected virus activity.  They may cause critical
system failure.  Please, use antimalware software to clean
and protect your system from parasite programs.
Click this baloon to get all available software.

VirusBurst also adds the following registry keys:


VirusBurst Removal Tools

To help you remove VirusBurst you need to download two files:

VirusBurst Removal Instructions

  1. Download smitRem.exe and FixVB.reg to your PC and save both on your Windows desktop (this is important - you will need to run both these files.  If FixVB.reg opens in your browser instead of being downloaded then you'll have to right-click on the link and save it - how to do this varies with different browsers).
  2. Double-click on smitRen to run it and extract the files to your desktop.  This will extract the files onto your desktop into a folder called smitRem.
  3. Right-click on FixVB.reg and select Merge.  When asked if you want to merge the information into your Windows registry, click Yes and then OK.
  4. Make sure that hidden Windows system files can be viewed
  5. Click Start > Run and type the following (assuming that Windows is installed onto C drive):
    Click OK
  6. If you get a message that These files are hidden, click Show the contents of this folder.
  7. Find a file called eowygj.dll and right-click on this file and click Rename and called it eowygj.dll.del.
  8. Repeat steps 5 to 7 for the following folders (if they exist):
  9. Now reboot your PC and start it in Safe ModeThis is an important step!  If you allow the system to boot into Windows normally you will have to go back to Step 1.
  10. Click on Start > Control Panel and double-click on Add or Remove Programs.
  11. Find VirusBurst 6.1 and double-click to uninstall the application.  DO NOT reboot the PC if prompted to do so!
  12.  If they exist, delete these files/folders:
    c:\Program Files\VirusBurst\
  13. Double-click on the smitRem folder on your desktop and run the file contained in the folder called RunThis.bat.  This program will then guide you through the uninstall process for any remaining components that are installed on your system.  It will also automatically run Disk Cleanup to remove any remaining traces of the spyware.
  14. Reboot your system and start it up normally.
  15. Install/update your antivirus/antispyware applications and run a full system scan.  If you aren’t running any, get some!  Do not skip this step!  At the very least run a free online scan at the Windows Live Safety Center.
  16. Click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup.  Run a Disk Cleanup operation on the drive you have Windows installed onto (usually C drive).  Remove all the temporary files and temporary Internet files to make sure that VirusBurst is gone.
  17. At the end of all this you might find that a few things are different.  Your homepage might be a blank (about:blank) and your cookies containing login details for some websites might be gone.  You will have to reset these as you use the system. 

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That’s it!  Your system should now be free of this annoying malware.

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