Bonfire Of The Brands …

August 30th, 2006

This caught my attention in The Times yesterday:

"Bonfire Of The Brands is a book by [tag]Neil Boorman[/tag] to be published in 2007 by Canongate. A label-obsessed journalist and music promoter, Neil is going to burn all his branded goods in an attempt to re-evaluate his lifestyle. The burning date has been set for 17.09.06. This blog is a diary of his journey towards a brand-free lifestyle."

OK.  The [tag]Bonfire Of The Brands[/tag] blog contains a lot of hype and Boorman seems to hold a lot of strange ideas, but the bit that caught my attention the most was this quote from one of his latest posts:

"... and waiting for my de-branded [tag]Mac[/tag] to arrive from the states."

It was this single quote that made me realize that the blog and the bonfire is nothing more than hype and hyperbole.  Dude, open up that Mac and take a look inside.  It's jam-packed with "branded" stuff.   Buying a "de-branded" Mac is like cutting the label off your Wranglers and pouring your Coke into a glass and pretending they they are de-branded.  Also, using Blogspot as a blog provider.  Hello?  Massive brand, with probably the world's biggest Internet brand behind it - Google.

Did I hear anyone say "publicity stunt"?

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