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PC Doctor blog stats – how the visitor landscape is changing

Darren Rowse over on ProBlogger is running a competition to encourage bloggers to make posts that consist of lists.  This is a list that I was going to post the other day as a stand-alone blog entry.  However, since it has some information that other bloggers might find useful, I thought I'd post it as part of the competition.

I'm fascinated by website stats, especially how they change over time, so I though I'd post some stats about the visitors to this blog over the past 30 days and compare then to a 30 day period six months ago.  There are some interesting changes, especially in when it comes to browser resolutions (800 x 600 is no longer dominant) and browser share (Firefox is gaining ground on Internet Explorer, but Opera 9 is doing well).

Visitor Depth (page views per visit)

Durations (duration of visits, in seconds)

Top Three Browsers

Top Monitor Resolutions

Color Depth

JavaScript Support