Restoring your iTunes library from your iPod

August 16th, 2006

"I have been a complete idiot and deleted 10GB's worth of songs on [tag]iTunes[/tag]. Don't ask me why or how I did it!! Anyway, I still have everything I need on my [tag]iPod[/tag], how on earth do I reverse the process and put the songs back into iTunes?? Help!


I'm not aware of any way that you can reverse the process manually of by using iTunes.  However, it is possible using software utilities.  One such utility is called [tag]CopyPod[/tag]:

"CopyPod is the ultimate backup & recovery tool for your iPod. You are one click away from retrieving your music, ratings, playlists, playcounts to your PC. CopyPod is a lifesaver when sending your iPod for repair, in cases of computer/hard drive crash, or just to backup up to a different drive. CopyPod will do the job effortlessly."

CopyPod costs $19.90 but there is a 14-day free trial available for download from the website.

CopyPod is a Windows utility. 

If you are a Mac user there's a utility called [tag]PodWorks[/tag]:

"PodWorks is a Mac OS X (Cocoa) application that compensates for the iPod's only downside: Apple only allows you to copy songs to your iPod. If you have two Macs and want to use your iPod to transfer music from one to the other, or you only store your MP3s on your iPod and need to copy them back onto your hard drive after a disk failure, you are out of luck!

This is where PodWorks comes in: it allows you to copy songs from any Mac iPod to any Mac running OS X 10.2 or higher (including Panther)."

There's a feature-limited trial version available and a license costs $8.

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