Why bother with a wireless network?

July 29th, 2006

"My wife and I are getting ready to buy another PC and we'll also be getting a laptop each for work purposes.  My wife wants us to install a [tag]wireless network[/tag] in the house to network the PCs and connect them to the Internet but I don't really see a point.  I think that cable connections would be better.  What do you think?"

In my mind, each has their place.  With cables comes reliability but there's a price to be paid in terms of drilling holes, pulling cable and the PC being fixed.  No disadvantage for a desktop but a pain for a laptop.

If was was going to give the top reasons for installing a [tag]WiFi[/tag] [tag]network[/tag], they would be:

  1. No messy cables all over the floor, desk or tables
  2. No need to drill holes
  3. Simple to expand the network to allow for more users
  4. Access your network or the Internet anywhere in your house or garden
  5. No need to open up your PC to install hardware

The best compromise might be to put the desktop PCs onto a wired network and the laptops on wireless.  That gives you speed and reliability on the desktop but freedom when using the laptops.

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