Stolen VA laptop – CheckPoint’s take on the forensic analysis

July 3rd, 2006

The Internet Security Zone Blog (a blog by CheckPoint/Zone Labs, the makers of Zone Alarm) take a look at how the FBI might be investigating the stolen and recovered VA laptop to determine whether it was accessed.

While the reports that the data has not been accessed will come as a relief to those who feared that their personal information was compromised, two points still need to be made:

  • No investigation can 100% accurately determine if the data was accessed.
  • The data has to have been either on the laptop un-encrypted or weakly encrypted, or there wouldn’t be any need to worry about it.  Properly encrypted data would be locked away safely.

The issue here is not that the laptop was stolen, it's that the data was stored on it in an insecure fashion. Encrypt your data!

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