Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool stats

June 12th, 2006

Microsoft have released detailed stats of their [tag]Malicious Software Removal Tool[/tag] ([tag]MSRT[/tag]), bundled every month with the patch Tuesday download since Jan 13th 2004.

Here are the highlights:

  • MSRT run 2.7 billion times on 270 million unique PCs
  • Removed 16 million items of malicious software from 5.7 million Windows-based PCs
  • On average, the MSRT removed one instance of malware from 311 PCs
  • Sony's XCP rootkit accounts for 5% of all malware removed

Shows the good that Windows Update can do (shame Microsoft has decided to tamper with the idea of Windows Update being a security tool and releasing a Windows Genuine Advantage patch too ...).

(via Security Fix)

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