Protecting gear outdoors

May 31st, 2005

I like gadgets! Many of my gadgets are ones that I like to take outdoor (such as my GPS, digital camera and iPAQ). Problem is, the outdoors is wet and the outdoors is dirty. That's the way I like it but it's not what electronic gear likes.

And it's not just the dampness and dirt either - things get a lot of knocks and bumps too.

My solution - an Otterbox! This is the case that I have - it's the Otter 6510 (the largest they make). It's big enough to hold my iPAQ, digital camera, portable weather station, GPS, spare memory and batteries and a lot more. Everything is kept safe and secure inside the case using "pick-and-pluck" foam (which is tremendous fun to cut to shape!).

This is a great waterproof and dustproof case that is capable of taking an incredible battering while at the same time keeping the contents safe!

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