A simple (but far from perfect) solution to Xbox 360 modchippers

May 26th, 2006

Microsoft seems to have come out with a cheap, yet effective solution against [tag]Xbox[/tag] modchippers ... put a blob of epoxy onto the chip!

I have to admit to having seen this one coming for a while - it's an easy defense against modchipping consoles.  OK, it's far from a perfect and I can see a number of ways around it (want me to list a few ... nah, not here!), but it's enough to discourage many from wanting to mod their systems.

Now if only it was as easy for [tag]Microsoft[/tag] to protect Windows, Office and Internet Explorer from heing hacked as that, we'd all sleep more soundly! Thinking about it, maybe what we need is a blob of epoxy in the Ethernet port and we'd be a lot safer ...

(via Scobleizer)

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