BitDefender 10 beta in the pipeline

May 5th, 2006

Over the last few months I've become quite a big fan of BitDefender products.  I like both the features on offer (a broad set of powerful features) and the styling (easy to use, effort given to making the information readable rather than "whizz-bang" graphics). 

I'm excited by the announcement that a beta of BitDefender 10 will shortly be made available (May 15th).  This will introduce a number of new and exciting features - here's what it says in the press release:

The open beta period will last until the end of June and will be a great opportunity for new and old [tag]BitDefender[/tag] users to get acquainted with the next generation - and gain prizes in doing so, as beta testers who post the most confirmed bugs or provide feedback and feature requests will receive special prizes from BitDefender, namely a trip to meet the BitDefender Desktop development team, 1 laptop, 10 mp3 players, 100 free licenses for the commercial version of new product and 1000 10% discount coupons for same.

"[tag]BitDefender 10[/tag] Internet Security will add a lot of feature improvements and new functionality over the previous version. For instance, we're pushing a rootkit detector engine out the door, adding HTTP and SMTP traffic scanning (protocol-level antivirus for web and mail file transfers), as well as a privacy protection module to prevent malicious individuals or programs from stealing confidential information (such as credit card numbers). Given that we're piling on top of that a lot of changes to the firewall module and huge improvements to the proactive detection module (it's actually called [tag]B-HAVE[/tag] now to reflect the scope of change) - given all those changes, we felt that a long and lively beta campaign would help both ourselves and our users get the most out of all this exciting new tech we're pushing out the door" declared Carmen Maierean, BitDefender Product Manager.

I'm going to be giving beta 10 a good test!

NoteIf you plan on running a beta then be aware that this is a beta of a security product and bugs could cause security to be compromised.  Don't run this on critical systems or if you are unsure about beta software and don't want to have to deal with the bugs!

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