Questions from Visitors – If I browse the Internet with Firefox, am I safe?

March 31st, 2006

This week's tips are based on questions that I've received from visitors to the site over the past few weeks. 

"If I browser the Internet using nothing other than Firefox then am I save from all the viruses, adware and spyware I keep reading about?"

You might be safer, but you're not 100% safe.  Nasties can come to your PC from a number of different routes.  You are right that Firefox does go some way to making making your PC safer but there are still risks from being send an email containing malware (a name used to describe viruses, Trojans, adware, spyware and other malicious applications) or that you download and install something that contains a deliberate or accidental back door into your system.  On top of that there's the danger from hackers getting access to your system.

In addition to running Firefox I'd recommend that you have antivirus and a firewall installed and that you keep both updated regularly.

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