Security – A False Sense of Security?

February 28th, 2006

Here is an excellent article by Deb Shinder of Sunbelt entitled "A False Sense of Security?"  Not only does it make some very good points but it's also thought-provoking in places.

As privacy becomes more and more of an issue for computer users, many turn to encryption software to protect confidential documents and email messages. There are the advantages and disadvantages of encrypting your data, including how just the fact that a file is encrypted may be a red flag that attracts hackers, who have reason to believe the data must be valuable (or at least titillating) since you went to the trouble to try to keep its contents secret.

But the bigger question may be whether encryption really protects your information at all, or just provides a false sense of security. That may depend on who it is that you're trying to keep out. Certainly a good encryption program will help prevent snooping by co-workers, family members or casual hackers. But if you're worried about keeping the government from knowing your secrets, will encryption do the job?

Recommended reading!

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