Bot networks

May 19th, 2005

I've just finished reading another interesting post by Bruce Schneier where he tears apart an article in the Independent newspaper on the dangers of bot networks.

I've read and re-read the article written by Clayton Hirst and I can't help but feel that either he's been badly misled or went into the article after reading a Tom Clancy novel. Either that or Cybertrust, the company interviewed, was really hamming up the dangers in order to sell products and services.

Yes, bot networks are bad. Some of the spam that you receive daily comes from such networks. Yes, some are controlled by criminals and used for such things as phishing scams. But cracking nuclear launch codes? Really! What proof does Cybertrust have that this is even vaguly possible, let along being considered by anyone? I could say that bot networks pose a real danger to big corporations because they could be used to crack the secrets of what goes into Coke or the herbs and spices used by KFC. I don't have any proof of this, or a blueprint as to how it could happen but I could still say it.

Take a look at most of the literature and press releases that come out of anti-virus/anti-spam/anti-malware companies or security firms and you'll see the very best in "worst case scenario" reporting (the internet will collapse, spam will flood every inbox, millions of phising scam emails caught every hour) and I think that there is one word that can be used is how this report should be looked at. Hype.

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