Google Toolbar Beta 4

January 30th, 2006

[tag]Google[/tag] have just released (and I've just installed!) Beta 4 of the Google Toolbar.

Google Toolbar beta 4

Some new elements of the [tag]Google Toolbar[/tag] include:

  • Suggestions as you type - I can see this feature getting a mixed response!
  • Send web page by Gmail or SMS message or blog it on Blogger - The email feature might be handy, however if forces you to use Gmail rather than your default account (unless Google think that everyone uses their Gmail account as their default email account).
  • Add custom buttons.  This is pretty cool and I expect the number of buttons available to grow over time (see current buttons here).  However, I wonder if there are going to be security issues down the line ...
  • Server-side bookmarks - access your bookmarks on any PC.  Neat feature but I sync mine on a USB key anyway so I probably won't use this for long.

There you have it!  Check it out!  

System requirements: Windows XP/2000 & IE 6.0+

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