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Kong Xbox 360 glitch

I thought that everyone knew that if you program and test on high-end gear, you're eventually going to run into trouble with legacy devices - and it seems that this is exactly what has happened to game maker [tag]Ubisoft[/tag] with their [tag]Kong[/tag] video game for the [tag]Xbox 360[/tag].

According to BBC News, players to try to play this game on the [tag]Xbox[/tag] 360 connected to a regular TV as opposed to a high-definition TV (HDTV) will find the game too dark to play properly.

"I'm a bit disappointed that we didn't see it when we were developing the game," Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot told the BBC News website.

I bet you are!  Most [tag]games[/tag] offer an option to select what type of TV was being used.

Apparently the game is fine of consoles such as the [tag]PlayStation[/tag] 2 and the original Xbox.

The moral of the story is simple - test all your code on all platforms and as many different hardware options as possible!