Backup Media – 3 – The CD disc

December 14th, 2005

In this week's series of tips I'm going to different backup media available that you can use to make a copy of your data or system settings to keep them safe in care of any disasters.

The [tag]CD[/tag]

OK, USB flash drives are great but you don't want to keep on buying them, loading you backup data onto them and stuffing them into a safe - if you want a long-term way to store your files then the CD is something to consider!

The benefits are numerous - cheap, large capacity (700 MB), robust, easy to use and small.  You do need to spend on some kit to be able to burn CDs - you'll need a CD burner either in addition to your other optical drive or to replace it and you'll need software to burn the CDs (most drives come with software).  CD drives are also pretty much universal so you can use them to move data around.

The CD is great for data backup but if you burn your data onto multiple discs then they can also be used to backup your entire system (just remember to keep the discs together and label the set).

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