Russinovich joins class action legal team

November 30th, 2005

According to the Washington Post, Mark [tag]Russinovich[/tag] or [tag]Sysinternals[/tag], the guy that broke the news of the [tag]Sony BMG[/tag] [tag]rootkit[/tag], it to join the class action legal team who filed a lawsuit against Sony BMG earlier this month.

Good news!  Russinovich is just the kind of tech guy they need on board to make this work.

As a side note, it looks like [tag]First4Internet[/tag]'s website is looking, well, different to how it did a few weeks ago - there's very little information at all there now about the company or their products.  Gone is all the horn-blowing that was up earlier this month.  Maybe it's an update (I doubt it, I think they have more on their minds than a site update) or maybe it's a sign of them distancing themselves from the whole XCP mess.  There is however a lot more info over on http://www.[tag]xcp[/tag] for you to look through.

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