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Mailing list

This blog is seven months old and has grown at a speed that I simply couldn't have dreamt of - I have tens of thousands of visitors every week and a few thousand regular readers.  When I started this blog I never expected it to have grown so fast - I thank you all for visiting and sending me messages!

With this in mind, I have a new feature to announce.  Coming real soon - the PC Doctor mailing list.  This will be another way for you to keep in touch with things that go on here.  I will be rolling this out across both this site and http://vista.pcdoctor-guide.com.

What am I going to use the mailing list for?  Well, here are a few things that spring to mind:

I won't be bombarding you with email - my plan is for an email every couple of weeks, no more and you will be able to unsubscribe at any time (and your email address won't be disclosed to others - that's a PC Doctor cast-iron guarantee!

Watch this space!