Minimize, maximize, restore down and close

November 24th, 2005

Do you make full use of the chrome that your Windows operating system adds to pretty much every window that you have open on your PC?  I'm talking about the three little buttons that are in the top-left hand corner of the window.

Max/min/close button

Do you know what they do?  No.  Don't worry, a lot of people don't.

The button on the right with the "X" through it is the close button and the one that most people know best.  Click on this and you close the window.

Close button windows

The button on the left, the one that looks like "_" is the minimize button.  Click on this and you minimize the application to the task bar.

Minimize button window

The one in the middle is the tricky one.  It's tricky because it changes function depending on the state of the window.  If the application windows is restored (that's a fancy name for not taking up the whole screen, then is looks like this:

Maximize button window

If you click on this you will maximize the application window to full screen. 

However, if it looks like this:

Restore down button

It means that the application window is maximized (another name for full screen) and clicking on it will restore down the window (taking it from full screen to a normal window).

Bonus Tip:  To quickly maximize/restore down a window, double click on the title bar.  This is quicker and easier than using the button!

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